Blockchain Developer | How to learn everything you need to become one

You can learn everything you need about solidity, smart contract development, and becoming a blockchain developer with Patrick Collins’ latest course.

Patrick Collins
4 min readJun 7, 2023
Learn Solidity, Blockchain Development, and more

For the past three years, every year, I’ve made an end-to-end data dump, passion project, web3 education course of what I think the minimum knowledge a blockchain engineer needs to have to be.

And we did it again this year, using the Foundry framework, and we are just getting started.

This is easily the most advanced, beginner-to-hero course on solidity and blockchain development ever created. Veterans and new developers will likely find new ways to code by taking this course!

From doing all these courses, we decided it would be best to put all our learnings into text, and we are working on an education site, to include everything. So be sure to subscribe there to know when the website is finally live!

Video 1 of 3 here 👇

Why Foundry

Learn blockchain development, solidity, and more

Foundry is quickly becoming the #1 smart contract development framework and for good reason.

  • It’s 100% solidity based, meaning you don’t need to learn another language as you’re creating your smart contracts
  • It’s the fastest framework out there, being up to 20x faster than other frameworks
  • It’s the preferred tool by smart contract auditors due to it’s speed and reliability

Past Courses

I’ve made two courses in the past:

These two courses will teach you everything you need to know, for free. The titles are long, but you can sort of think of them as “the javascript one” and “the python one”.

This new one you can think of as “the foundry one”.

They each have code repositories associated with them — so if you want, you can just go through all the code! The python one is here, and the javascript one is here.

Which one should I take?

Summary: The Foundry one. But the javascript one is good too.

The one that started it all

If you want the most up-to-date -> Pick the Foundry one.

If you want to learn full stack and you like Javascript -> Pick the Javascript one.

Pretty soon, we will be deprecating the Python one. Why?
1. It’s the oldest one

2. We are working on a new Python one!

Video is difficult to keep up to date, and takes a lot of effort from myself and my team. This is another reason we are working on the education site, so it’s easier to keep all the content up to date.

The Javascript one is still up to date! With Hardhat being one of the most widely used frameworks on the planet. The only downside is Lesson 15 has to be skipped, as much of the tooling used for that lesson is no longer supported.

The rest of the javascript course is still 100% fantastic!

What They All Teach

These courses will give you the fundamentals to become a professional, smart contract / web3 / blockchain developer. They teach:

  • Core fundamentals of how blockchains work and why smart contracts are important
  • Solidity Fundamentals — the primary language used to write smart contracts
  • Work with protocols and tools like Chainlink, Ethereum, & Openzeppelin
  • How to create customized NFTs and ERC20 tokens
  • Testing, tooling, and common smart contract design patterns
  • Upgradeability and advanced concepts like proxies
  • DeFi and protocols like Aave
  • Everything you need to know about “backend” smart contract development.

And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which one you pick! They are both fantastic for learning blockchain development.

The Javascript One

The JS one uses Hardhat tooling in the ecosystem like Hardhat, Ethersjs, and react-moralis. There is a lot more “stuff” in this 30+ hour edition than the python one, like:

  • How to programmatically build a DAO
  • More lower-level explainers such as storage, delegatecall, and encoding
  • A TON of optional Front End Web3 development with ReactJS & NextJS
  • Event Indexing and services with The Graph & Moralis

The javascript one is great for people with zero to a little bit of blockchain engineering experience and is the right choice if:

  • You are totally new to engineering or blockchain
  • Or you like javascript
  • Or you want to use the same tools as the most popular billion-dollar defi protocols
  • Or you want to learn how to build websites that use smart contracts
  • You want the longest most in-depth video of blockchain education content ever created


If you want the most up-to-date -> Pick the Foundry one.

If you want to learn full stack and you like Javascript -> Pick the Javascript one.

Pick one.

Start learning.

It doesn’t really matter.

And have fun.

What’s most important is you take the first step.

When you’re done, and you’re looking for the next steps, be sure to watch my video on how to become a blockchain engineer, it’ll give you some steps on where to go next.

Happy learning!